Dear friends

As we know, honey is our Ukrainian gold. My grandfather, a descendant of a family of beekeepers, told me, when I was a child, that honey is real liquid gold. Since childhood I have seen and disciplined myself to work around the hives. I know that is difficult and troublesome work. Only love to their work can bring satisfaction and desired result. Honey became the affair of my life. It all began with a few hives and now it is already the whole firm Medovyi krai Ltd., where we process and pack the finished products. It is known, that the beekeepers are the centenarians who have good health and good memory during whole their life.

Therefore, regular consumption of honey and other bee products rejuvenates the body, prolongs life and cures for many diseases. Having considerable experience we are working openly and in good faith, hoping for a long cooperation.

The modern laboratory and the qualified personnel in our company provide timely and quality analysis of honey. We work across the whole Ukraine, taking samples from Zakarpattya region to Kherson region. We buy honey from the beekeepers, who know what they do and give all their life to their business. We know how it is important for you to get qualitative and useful product that has retained all its natural properties, so during manufacturing and packaging honey, we use the latest technology, following all the hygiene rules. We export our honey in Europe and the USA. There is a strict control of quality for the consumable products in those regions. Last year Medovyi krai Ltd. has exported about 3000 tons of honey. Only through our hard work and full dedication to affair of whole my life Medovyi krai Ltd. is among ten the largest exporters of honey in Ukraine.

We can offer you different varieties of honey collected in different ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, and (that is very important) we are responsible for the quality of honey.

Always will be glad to see you in our company!