Energy value

T he calorific capacity of honey is very high. It is approximately 330 cal, or 1300 J, in 100 g of honey. The main part of honey is optimal ratio of mono-saccharides — glucose and fructose. The honey is not moldy during long storage even it is storaged in favorable conditions for microbial growth and maintains high nutritional and taste qualities. It gives reason to believe that all types of honey have natural antimicrobial action.

In one teaspoon
There are approximately 8 g of honey in one flat teaspoon. It is 26 cal. If you take heaped teaspoon with honey, it will be 10 g with 32 cal.

In one tablespoon
There are approximately 17 g of honey in one flat tablespoon. It is 56 cal. If you take heaped tablespoon with honey, it will be 22 g with 72 cal.

Honey calories may be compared with energy value of white bread or baked condensed milk. Another words it may be said that honey isn't dietary product and it must be eaten in limited quantity.

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