What is the consistence of honey?

M Many people, who eat beekeeping products, are interested in the question, which should be the consistency of honey? In effect they would like to know which should be the density, thickness and structure of honey. As for this the buyers of honey have various myths and opinions. So beekeepers — the main and direct suppliers, purchasers and packers of this product should loggers dispell myths and give answers to these questions.

Fresh honey is a transparent semifluid mass, which gets gradually denser and crystallizes. Some types of honey may be exception, for example — Acacia honey.

If you take fresh honey by spoon and twist it, the immature product runs down the spoon, and ripe honey is wound on the spoon, piling and then flows as continuous thread. The sweet product cannot be in such condition for a long time. Everything depends on the sort of honey and the conditions of its storage.

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