Having considerable experience we are working openly and in good faith, hoping for a long cooperation. We work across whole Ukraine, taking samples from Zakarpattya region to Kherson region. We buy honey from beekeepers who know what they are doing and give their business all their life. Certainly, we ask from beekeepers their documents for checking and identifying the beekeeper personality. We know how it is important for you to get qualitative and useful product that has retained all its natural properties, so during manufacturing and packaging honey, we use the latest technology, following all the hygiene rules. We export our honey in Europe and the USA.


There is flexible pricing policy in our enterprise. We divide the wholesale commodity on two categories: big (from 20000 kg) and little (from 100 kg). You can buy packaged honey in such volumes: 250 g., 400 g., 650 g., 900 g.

Such variants of package permit you to choose the optimized volume of honey according to your needs and wishes. When you work with our company you can get certified natural honey with high quality directly from manufacturer. It guarantee you high quality goods at the best price! If you want to buy wholesale commodity of honey you can contact with us by phone: tel. +38 (050) 204-57-59 or send message to our e-mail:,


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We take your honey for testing by our trucks. Our employees go to you for preliminary sampling of honey for laboratory researches. Than your honey (or its samples) must be tested in our modern laboratory. We make physical and chemical analysis, analyses for presence antibiotics in honey etc. We can buy your honey only after getting conformation from laboratory.

Conditions for buying raw honey: presence of documents: passport and identification code; it is good if you have card of Privatbank for wire transfer. The honey must be natural without any impurity. It must storage in clean (inside and outside) food tare, and also it must have following criteria: - Moisture no more than 19% - Free of antibiotics - Without any pesticides and nitrates - Sugar presence no more than 85%