Our enterprise is situated in smt. Hoshcha, Rivne region. There we carry out the reception of honey and test it.

Our manufacturing facility is also in Hoshcha: we homogenize honey for export.

We have a big truck park, in oder to buy and take honey directly from the beekeepers.

We can offer you different varieties of honey collected in different ecologically clean regions of Ukraine,

and (that is very important) we are responsible for the quality of honey!


Medovyi Krai Ltd. offers a product with high quality and with the unique natural properties. We buy only natural honey and cooperate only with the experienced and responsible beekeepers.

For acting this task our company has all necessary things:

- long-term contracts for honey supplying with the owners of big beekeeping gardens throughout Ukraine, that provides us with the high quality goods during the whole year.

- modern equipment for homogenizing, filling and packaging of honey

- strict control of manufacturing process

- each batch of honey is tested for conformance to GOST and quality standards in our laboratory

- long-term contracts with honey importers from EU and from the USA.

Our company is focused on the long-term and fruitful cooperation. We offer the good commercial deals, individual approach and reliable partnership to our customers.