Linden (white) honey is very valuable because of its exceptionally pleasant taste and beneficial properties. It is used mainly for colds, because the honey has increased diaphoretic action. Linden (white) honey is indispensable in the treatment of sore throats, colds, laryngitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, asthma. It provides good local effect in purulent wounds and burns. Linden (white) honey con...

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The source of this honey is nectar of meadow flowers (white, pink and red clover, dandelion, thyme, allseed white and yellow, luzern, sage, lady's bedstraw, woundwort and etc.). The colour of this honey is from light-yellow to brown (it depends from grosses from which bees take nectar).

It has nice taste and sweet smelling. Motley grasses honey is good general tonic mean, has positive influe...

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Acacia honey has a number of different healing properties. Its antiseptic properties are used in the treatment of conjunctivitis and other eye diseases, and the treatment of eczema and neurodermatitis. In this case an external application of Acacia honey as aqueous solutions and ointments is used. If you regular eat Acacia honey regularly, it helps in lowering of blood pressure, it has a mild s...

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