8 reasons to eat honey every day

I ts well known fact that many doctors propose to replace sugar in honey. This product is unique in its intention of useful properties - honey improves health, gives beauty and keep up your youth.

C urative properties of honey were known in ancient Egypt. Modern science proves that each drop of honey contain more than 70 elements, which are very important for human health. The carbohydrates, which are in honey (glucose and fructose), are ingested by organism easier than common sugar. It is very important, especially for children.

T he enzymes, which are contained in honey, stimulate digestive process and metabolism. The proteins, which are contained in honey, are involved with formation of hormones. The minerals, which are in honey, regulate activity of nervous system, tissue respiration, blood-forming.

H oney protects organism from cancer and heart diseases. The main protectors are strong dietary antioxidants (flavonoids) which are in honey. Doctors say if people, who have heart disease, eat 50 g of honey each day during 1-2 months, their general state of health will be obligatory better.

I n traditional (folk) medicine is considered as a friend of stomach. It can be therapeutic agent during the treatment of stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

H oney is irreplaceable in cold. As usual it is dissolved in milk (1 tablespoon of honey for one warm glass of milk) or is mixed with lemon juice (juice from 0,5-1 lemon for 100 g of honey). The honey helps to regulate the level of sugar in blood. Although honey and sugar taste both sweet and contain glucose and fructose, honey is considered as ideal power supplier for liver, as the ratio of fructose and glucose in honey is almost one to one.

H oney relieves from skin diseases and wrestles against insenescence of organism. When applying honey on the damaged surface of the skin it increases blood flow and lymph drainage. In the same time the wound is washed, it improves the power of cells and has detrimental effect on bacteria, streptococci, staphylococci and others.

H oney is natural antidepressant. It is considered that people, who eat honey in the morning, can easy cope with chronic fatigue syndrome, which in our time is typical for townies. They are less aggressive, irritable, less susceptible to different stress situations.

H oney is useful for brains. In the morning you should eat some honey instead of sandwich with cheese or sassage. An organism needs proteinic food, which is used for stimulation of muscle activity, at 11-12 o'clock. From 7 to 9 it is important to sensitize a brain to the work. It is honey which "provides" the brain by energy, and it is equally important for both adults and children.

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