Ukraine has developed beekeeping and is included to five countries with the largest production of honey. And, despite its high status beekeeping industry continues to develop dynamically, in particular, increases production and export of these products.

Medovyi krai Ltd offers a long-term cooperation which is connected with selling of honey.


During the cooperation with our company you can get:

  1. - Favorable prices
  2. - Individual attention to every customer and every region
  3. - Flexible cooperation conditions
  4. - Strict observance of the terms of delivery

Our enterprise is situated in smt. Hoshcha, Rivne region. There we carry out the reception of honey and test it. Our manufacturing facility is also in Hoshcha: we homogenize honey for export. We have a big truck park, in oder to buy and take honey directly from the beekeepers.


We take your honey for testing by our trucks. Our employees go to you for preliminary sampling of honey for laboratory researches. Than your honey (or its samples) must be tested in our modern laboratory. We make physical and chemical analysis, analyses for presence antibiotics in honey etc. We can buy your honey only after getting conformation from laboratory


Honey must be natural without any impurity. It must be stored in clean (inside and outside) food tare, and also it must have the following criteria:

  1. - Moisture no more than 18%
  2. - Free of antibiotics
  3. - Without any pesticides and nitrates