Arrangement of honey harvest

For honey harvest choose the places, which are situated far from industrial factories, auto-roads, animal complexes.

Pay your attention that the feeding-stuffs, which are used for the animals and birds, can contain antibiotics, which can be a reason of the antibiotics detection in honey later (most times – chloramphenicol).

You should agree the placement of the apiary with the owner of the field and ask to give you information about handling of the field.

Harvest only ripe honey!

Storage of honey

Collect honey only into the food packaging. Don’t use a container, if you are not sure that it is food-grade one.

It is necessary to wash the container properly and to dry necessarily inside and out.

The unwashed containers or the containers with the rests of water can cause fermentation of honey.

Pay your attention that plastic and polyethylene containers can cause the presence of Nitrofuran metabolites in honey (antibiotic).

While storing honey, follow these guidelines:

• Honey is a hygroscopic product that takes on surrounding odors eventually.

• A room where honey is stored must be ventilated and odorless.

• It is absolutely impossible to store honey in premises where chemicals, fertilizers or odor products are stored.

• A room should have constant temperature not higher than 15°C. Avoid overheating of honey